Friday, 17 May 2013

Special Bootscraper

Recently I was asked to make a Bootscraper as gift for a Chairman who was stepping down after 17 years, to be presented at the company's Annual General Meeting.

It turned out to be a rather special privilege as the company was QMJ Publishing Ltd - QMJ Publishing is a privately owned publishing and exhibition business that serves the quarrying, recycling and natural stone industries (they are responsible for publishing the Natural Stone Specialist magazine, and also for running the Natural Stone Show each year!)

So I feel very proud to share the publicity with you

Changing of the guard at QMJ

PICTURED above is John Hopkins (left of photo) stepping down as chairman of QMJ Publishing Ltd at the company’s AGM on Thursday 9 May 2013 with his successor, Terry Last.  As a memento of his 19 years on the board, 17 of which were as chairman, John was presented with a handsome boot scraper specially commissioned from North Yorkshire based sculptor, Jennifer Tetlow.  The base of the boot scraper was hand carved in the shape of the QMJ logo from a block of Woodkirk Yorkstone, the sculptor’s favorite material, which was sourced from Woodkirk Stone’s Brittania Quarries at Morley, near Leeds.


  1. A nice piece of lettering! I used to subscribe to 'Stone Industries' magazine, and even then I thought it must have been one of the dullest magazines - for an outsider - ever to have been published! I still use their quarry and stone identification book though.

    1. When I very first started working in stone, I too subscribed, and I know what you mean - a lot of it went straight over my head - but I thought it would be useful in knowing a little about the 'industry' I was in, but I've allowed my subscription to lapse. Used to take The Natural Stone Directory to bed to read and imagine all the stones I might carve!


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