Thursday, 16 May 2013

Pig on the run

Not something you see every day - a Pig in the village, running towards you in the road.  This one was trotting happily in Lastingham, making pig noises.  A neighbour corralled it into a nearby front garden.  It immediately used its rubbery nose to lift the latch and tried to push its way out - luckily seen in time and string was procured to keep it contained.

It was very tame and friendly, happily taking apples, carrots - and actually anything it was offered - and enjoyed scratches and tickles from us all.

The Village grape-vine is super effective, and soon the owner came to rescue her piggy.

What characters pigs are - and how communicative - reminds me of watching wild boar when I was trying to get a likeness for carving a pair of boar in stone. 

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