Thursday, 18 April 2013

Harrogate Spring Flower Show

I was amazed to see the date so fast approaching for the Harrogate Spring Flower Show on my wall planner - one of my very favourite flower shows.  I know everyone is planning and pulling everything together for the opening on 25th April and it will be interesting to see what miracles the growers have performed after the poor start to Spring and then the destructive winds.

Beautiful unfurling leaves and blossom despite the cold and winds.

I have so few plants growing at all, though in the last day or  two some little shoots are showing and little green bursts of growth and even budding.  A small cherry has just begun to flower.  Poor thing, I have it in a pot in a bit of a corner at the side of the shed and really it is a bit too shady - but it has sprung to life!

My little flowering Cherry bursting into flower

I especially like seeing the show gardens, so it was interesting to read the progress garden designer Mary Elliott is making on her show garden, which she is calling 'Sanctuary Yorkshire' designing with a theme of the garden as a tranquil refuge.

My large stone urn - this is the pot I plan to release from its dark corner 

Do you like her idea of the focal point, of a sculptural pot? I thought it looked just like my pot with the determined cherry in it.  So I feel rather inspired by this and look forward to seeing the garden completed in all its glory on the show days.  Hopefully I will be able to transfer some of these ideas to my little area at the sheds.  And I can make a lovely stone bench too, to sit quietly and admire the pretty pinky white blossoms.

Design sketch by Mary Elliott for her show garden 'Sanctuary Yorkshire'

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