Sunday, 27 May 2012

Baby Blackbirds - progress report

Just thought I would let you know how they are all getting on.  It has become part of my routine as I arrive at my workshed in the morning, fill geese buckets and pond, check bird feeders, shout greetings to the swallows and wagtails, inspect seedlings and vegetable patch, and see how the baby blackbirds are doing!  Every few moments the parents are flying past with food for the youngsters. 

Here's dad with a huge worm.  He next breaks this up into small pieces to carry to the nest.  I'm finding sections of worm  along his flight path, dropped by mistake on route.  I'm amazed they manage to sing and alarm call with beaks so full of food, it doesn't seem to impede their vocals at all.

And mum working just as hard.

The young are very demanding.  Eyes now open and feathers are growing apace - they're looking more like Blackbirds every day.

1 comment:

  1. great pictures. I had wrens nest on my window sill one year.


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