Friday, 21 October 2011

Working in Candlelight

Candlelight is so flattering - warm, soft, glowing.  I light candles in the workshop for this very light - it makes stone look beautiful, casting the softest of shadows, yet picking up a real stoniness.  It helps with carving sometimes, in showing the way for a curve or in judging how far to undercut.  I walk around the carving, raising and lowering the candle, making the stone dance and come alive.

How beautifully comforting and cosy candles are too, in creating a wondrous atmosphere - particularly on these dark, frosty evenings.  So, I really had to make some candlesticks in stone, and I've added these ones to my Made in Stone range.  Hope you like them.


  1. arrrgh, you put way too much temptation across my path!! Could you email me prices for the stone hurricane lamp and first candle holder on this post? Bxx

  2. Thanks Belinda - have sent details to you.

    Ellen, as ever your are encouraging! Thanks.


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