Friday, 30 September 2011

Hurricane Lantern

I'm adding a few new items to my little 'made in stone' range  for Autumn - Winter.  This stone Hurricane Lantern candle holder is something I've wanted to make for ages - I've loved the look of some lanterns I've seen but just thought they should be made in stone.  So here we are, made in my favourite Yorkstone and I think looking rather elegant.  Candles are lovely anytime, but as the nights draw in they create a special glow for early evening - either sitting in the garden, or brought indoors.

Stone Hurricane Lantern by Jennifer Tetlow

I've used my Hurricane Lantern this week, sitting out in the garden until late after the so hot days, enjoying watching the sun go down and the cooling darkness descend - candle flickering and moths fluttering.


  1. v beautiful Jennifer, the stone and glass work so well together

  2. Thanks Alison - I think they do too, and of course being stone it is great for outdoors - I already have my first order, so had better get busy making some more!


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