Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Feel Good Year Planner

I've had a liberating clear out, de-clutter and re-structure (needed to be done) of my work area, have found long-lost scribbles which at the time I thought vital, and obviously weren't, and put up my 2011 year planner.  Already it is filling with exhibition dates, my open studio, talks, and courses I am running.  Surprising how strengthening a little organisation feels!  And how good.

Pinned to the wall, in front of my desk is a list of resolutions, fairly near the top of which is 'to read more'.  And I've begun with gusto, helped in great part by a Christmas gift from my sister of The Nude - a study in ideal form published by The Folio Society.  It is a book which was first published by John Murray in 1956 and based on lectures in fine art delivered at the National Gallery of Art, Washington.

I will confess to something of a fetish for art books, and this one hits the spot - it is a pleasure to handle, the paper, print and illustrations are sumptuous and it smells good - quite apart from the fascinating and edifying written content.

So I am more organised, sated and learned - good start!

(Incidentally, I have no prophetic dreams to report, despite repeated attempts with the leaves).

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