Friday, 4 January 2013

Workshop tidy

Over the last week I have been having a really good clean and tidy in the workshop.  A thorough clean-sweep for the New Year.  I've enjoyed it.  When I'm busy, clearing and maintenance tend to get side-lined, and jobs build up.

The thing is, when you're untidy with stone, the mess is significant - particularly so when the weather is wet!  Stone dust and water make a marvelous slurry, and when compacted with stone chips and more dust, along with anything else dropped or knocked off the workbench, you get quite an effective cement.  

Best way to tidy is to chisel clean.

By the time all the dust 'cake' and stone waste was out of the way, I was really in the mood, and feeling a re-organisation was required too.  I don't have many pieces of equipment, but one really useful item is my Clipper stone saw.  It has a small platform on wheels, where you place the stone, onto which you pull down a rotating circular saw blade.  It is water fed, to lubricate and cool while cutting (more slurry!).  The saw just sits in the corner of the workshed, and gets used when required - but now with everything tidy I noticed it looked, dirty, rusty and tired - water and stone-dust again - ruinous!  A move and refurbishment was required.

You all know how it goes, it seemed like a good idea, filled with the best intentions, but fast becomes something you wished you'd never started.  Rust is an enemy, also cements things together, and makes others crumble apart.  I looked at my dissembled saw components on the workshop floor and resolved to clean and maintain regularly in future.

This morning I feel brighter about it - re-filled the oil can (oil is a friend!), ordered new bits to replace sheered bolts, worn out motor parts and shims and wedges in place to make everything level - all set for many more years loyal service!   It will horrify some, but I'm looking at the rusty frame with not a small degree of affection!


  1. It's a good way to start the new year, have a good clean up, sort out what you have got and find the things you thought you had lost!
    I know what it's like to work around dusty work surfaces and floors, but it is a progressive sign and you know that you have been working hard!

    1. You are so right, puts a big smile on my face when I go into the shed all clean and tidy! Instantly makes me feel much more organised.

  2. yes I know what you mean. I have several cold working machines for the glass that fill up with glass dust and slurry.

    1. Now you see, I thought my mess was bad, wouldn't swap it for glass slurry though!


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