Tuesday, 8 May 2012

White Pheasant

I've never seen one before - I noticed this large white bird at a distance in the field and wondered what it was.  Initially thinking duck, and then it moved, definitely not.  On closer inspection I realised it was a pheasant - very shy and kept running away - took some persistent stalking and traversing three more fields to get this image!  Looks as if it has been in a bit of a squabble although it seemed happily with another bird, perhaps a wife, which was normal pheasant colouring.  

Not sure if this is described as an albino bird, as it had dark eyes and the red face, or leucistic?

I will look out for patchy white youngsters later in the year - I'm afraid they will be rather easy 'shots'.


  1. When I lived in Herefordshire the white pheasants were part of the gamekeepers scheme for the shoots. I think there was some kind of penalty payment for shooting one.

    1. That's interesting - it would suggest the countryside should be full of white pheasants!


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