Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Stirred by Birds

I certainly am - actually I've pinched that title from an exhibition held a few years ago at Gallery Pangolin celebrating the bird through sculpture, prints and drawings.  But I feel wholly bird-full at the moment, the morning song, my swallows at the sheds, blackbird nesting, goslings, hatching blue-tits, my bobbing wagtails - delights all!

A bird just snuck into my latest lino cut print too - I'm still practicing and am pleased this one caused no cuts to fingers - progress of a kind!

Lady with Bird - lino print by Jennifer Tetlow

Lines are still a bit jerky - need to work on smoothness and curves.  There is a tendency to rush as I get excited about the image and how it will look printed and then the cutter goes where it wants instead of where I intended.

I'll keep going back to Alison Deegan and  Amanda Colville at Mangle Prints to see how it's done.


  1. Looking good... just always keep your fingers behind the chisel and you'll be fine. Oh and warm the lino a little (use a hair dryer or pop it under the cat!)

    I'm sure you'll be a natural at learning which blades make your own sort of marks.


    1. Thanks Celia - so difficult to remember about fingers behind, and I will try and warm the lino next time. The practice is all about just that - finding out which cutters do what and how, to get a look I can own.

  2. I know just what you mean Jennifer, when you say 'the cutter goes where it wants' - I recall working on a piece for my 'A' level Art & Design Project (38 years ago), and the cutter ended up stuck in the flesh of my left hand. I still have the 'v' shaped scar to remind me.
    I'll add, that it didn't deter me and the process gave me hours and hours of pleasure.

    I love the little bird depicted in your lino print above. Do keep at it, because I'm certain there are magical results ahead, and I can't wait to see them.

    aka @LadyBizBiz

    1. I find it such a pleasurable process too - if painful and frustrating at times! Thanks for comments - I will keep going - addicted now I think!


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