Saturday, 21 April 2012

Stone Samples

I've just received two small slabs of stone from Cotswold Stone as samples.

I contacted them as they supply Guiting Stone which is a beautiful golden honey Oolitic Limestone from the North Cotswolds, and I have seen sculpture I like in this stone and was interested to see how it worked.

The paler piece is Stoke Ground Top Bed and the golden slab is Oathill Quarry.  Both are quite soft stones and therefore ideal for beginners learning stone carving, and I wondered if it might be suitable for my courses as well.

So, I put my chisel to them and had a little explorative carve.  Certainly it is much softer than my normal sandstone, and a little more crumbly in texture - but heavenly to work.  A pallet full will be making its way to my workshop - and it might just arrive in time for the course next weekend too (there are one or two places still available if you would like to join us).  

The sculptor Peter Randall-Page has carved this stone to great effect.

Multiplication By Division, by Peter Randall-Page, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2000, Guiting Limestone (Cotswold Stone)

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  1. I like those round stones. Something like that needs to be in my lawn! =) I’m not cut for some gardening stuff so I guess my place will look better with that on display. By the way, those stone samples of yours are indeed, beautiful. It thrills me to see what concept you’re up to. I wish to see it when you’re done.


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