Friday, 13 January 2012

Stone Away

Today a lorry came to the worksheds to collect the Compass Stone and deliver it to site.  It was huge.  All got loaded with relative ease, and then the driver set off.  Within a few moments the back wheels were spinning with mud flying everywhere.

I suppose my sheds are not best positioned, it is a bit of an incline to get out of the gate and back onto the road, and the track has become grassed over somewhat.

Luckily I have lots of stone chips to help with grip, and after spreading a few barrowloads the waggon progressed a few feet.  Back to the start, more skidding, back down the slope, more chips, and eventually after a good few run-ups, he was out of the gate.  I did worry for a moment that he would not get away - no chance of towing him out!

Thank goodness for a beautiful sunny day, I hate this sort of job in the pouring rain, wind and sleet, which is so often the case.

Its quiet again here now, and I will take advantage to put a layer of hardcore down to reinforce the track and yard and tidy up a bit.

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