Saturday, 14 January 2012

Soft Stones

It's those pebble shapes again - these are heavenly, muted natural colours - stone colours - and I just want to go over and touch them,  and wrap my arms around them.  Don't you find the shapes and colours soothing and calming?

These ones are large enough to sit on - and you don't need to worry about them being uncomfortable either, they're actually made of wool - 100% natural wool, felted and fashioned into pebble seats and rock cushions by Ronel Jordaan.

The wool is hand dyed and hand felted into these free forming oversized pebbles.

Ronél Jordaan is inspired by nature. Her designs eloquently and playfully infuse contemporary interiors with the beauty, simplicity and serenity of the outdoors. Using natural fibres, mostly Merino wool, Ronél lets her imagination run wild in the creation of rock cushions, pebble ‘riverbed’ carpets, intricately accented ‘falling leaves’ wall hangings, floral-patterned throws and more.

The rocks come in a range of sizes from small 16" x 12" x 8" to large boulder at 6' x 3' x 2', actually large enough to recline on.

 Don't they look real?

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  1. I really like those stones. Great idea!

    Thanks for voting for Euan today xxx


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