Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Best of the Best

I arrived at Art in Action early evening and with map in hand wandered the marquees, just before everything was closing for the day.  There was a large gathering on the lawn in front of the house, lots of chatter, warm sunshine and an excited buzz.  It drew me to a huge tent, full of people admiring the works being shown.  This was a collection of the best work from the event, and visitors had the chance to vote on which they thought 'the best'.  Nearly impossible of course, but a print of a Crow and a Rook got my attention.  But there were other beauties.

Metamorphosis Series by Rachel O'Dell

No-one Likes to be in a Cage by Catherine Hyde
Ceramics by Linda Dangoo
Close-by was a sculpture area, which I promised to go back to.

 Sculpture by Brendan Hesmondhalgh and David Cooke

I did get the chance to look round - though would have liked much longer.  The weather for the event was wonderful, and I explored the very delightful Waterperry gardens in the evening warmth (will share some of its beauty next time).  Four days full of care, love, creativity, art, performance, poetry, music  - utterly inspiring!

I came home with a Rook and a Crow by Louise Scott.  I love her prints and saw how she makes them, with beautiful etched copper plates (works of art in themselves) demonstrating her process.  I will treasure these birds.


  1. Love the rook and crow. Is Metamorphosis a photograph or sculpture? If sculpture, what medium. Also loved the stretching hare.

  2. Ellen, its glass (my photo of it) there were a whole series of them, beautiful green colours, part smooth and part crumbly, brilliant. I loved all the glass work at Art in Action. I'll show some more in anther post!


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