Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Focus on Sculpture

I find there's a really positive consequence of 'treating' yourself - not only for the obvious reasons of enjoying the treat, but also that I tend to make a list of things I must do, or get done before I allow myself the luxury.

So this week so far, I have been up really early, and done long days in the workshop (results of which I will show very soon!), setting myself goals of jobs to finish.  I'm suddenly energised and pushing myself into frantic activity to get my reward - it just feels exhilerating and exciting.

The excitement is all due to BBC Four's season 'Focus on Sculpture'.  In their words - BBC Four shines a light on one of the oldest and most treasured art forms - sculpture - in this series of programmes - and it starts tonight. (With features running into the 'early hours'!).

Romancing the Stone: The Golden Ages of British Sculpture.

Jacob Epstein in his studio - Close Encounters, Henry Moore Institute

In association with the Focus on Sculpture Season, the archive collection explores the work of a series of influential British sculptors.  This collection shows programmes and interviews with Eric Gill, Henry Moore, Jacob Epstein, Barbara Hepworth and many others who are the 'greats' in my world.

AND the Royal Academy are showing Modern British Sculpture at the moment - which I'm planning to visit at the end of the month.  All these treats!


  1. So pleased to have discovered your blog, via your kind comment on mine! I have always been fascinated by sculpture (we lived next to the studio of one whilst I was growing up), and feel I sculpt sometimes, in metal and wax, when I make my jewellery.

  2. Your sculptures are so beautiful. Thank you so much for linking up. I'm intrigued and utterly impressed!


  3. I have not seen that show! Sounds marvelous - I am in awe of your sculptures - so beautiful!

  4. Thankyou very much for all the lovely comments! I love carving them! Thanks too for a lovely party - I'm still mingling!


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