Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Drawing for Sculpture

Drawing and sketching are such a pleasurable part of what I do.  So often drawing time comes after I have just finished a sculpture, when my hands are weary and sore, and fingertips rubbed bear from finishing the stone. 

Sitting quietly with pencil, pen or brush is restorative and calming and there is a feeling of new creation, and exciting possibilities.  I am lost in the concentration, imaginings and the soft sound of pencil gliding on paper and the comforting smell of sharpenings.   

Part of the reason for drawing is to work out and resolve all the ideas that rush into my head.  Is this idea going to work carved in stone?  Can I capture the feeling, emotion and liveliness that I would like? With a commissioned sculpture, drawings are crucial in allowing the customer to see my proposed creations and to let them know I have understood what they would like.  When I make a sketch, I am drawing for sculpture, attempting to draw three dimensionally, a little map for me of where curves go in, and out. 

Sometimes I draw for pure enjoyment, and sometimes a drawing appears from no-where, a character willing its way into my sketchbook, and we stare at each other in surprise!

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