Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A very lovely package ..

A little while ago I responded to a giveaway run by Celia Hart at Purple Podded Peas she was celebrating five years of blogging - actually it was so easy as she inventively posted 'live' - do go and see - she also introduced us to her lovely hens, her pond and her garden - so somehow I managed to enter, and moreover win,  just by watching her films and enjoying her posts!

This morning my parcel arrived, (I think the mail call it a Large Letter, but it was definitely a parcel, a perfect parcel).  What an excitement.  After tearing away the outer, the most beautifully wrapped goodies were revealed.  A pack of Heritage Vegetable Cards, from original illustratioins by Celia,  and three packets of Pea seeds - that is Purple Podded Peas!

I just can't wait to get planting and include them in my vegetable patch - may even have to make a new bed in their honour!

They are seeds saved from peas grown in Celia's garden - which makes them very special.  Each packet is printed with her beautiful red hen and she thoughtfully included a sheet telling me all about each of the three varieties - their growing habits, flower colour and hints on harvesting.

It has made a rather grey, drizzly morning very bright indeed.  To see more of Celia's work her website is a treasure trove of illustration, prints and magic.

Thankyou Celia Hart at Purple Podded Peas.

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