Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Light Fantastic

Over the last week or so, the brilliant sunshine, turning to deep grey skies and torrential downpours, then back to bright skies, has been fantastic.  Everything bathed on glorious light, moody, shiny with wonderful colour casts.  Stone looks magnificent in this light and I've been trying to get good photographs of my sculpture captured in this atmosphere. 

This was sunrise, a view from my workshop, I hardly dare take my eyes away as it quickly evapourated in front of me - a vanishing pearl making way for the colour of the day.

The photography didn't go so well and although everything appeared beautiful, I was unable to capture it.

At lunchtime I walked up onto the moor, to photograph the heather before it turned.  I'm working Lingmoor stone at the moment, and it has purple coloured bands, with buff, brown and grey marking (purple staining from the heather) - rich and royal and alive in the sunshine.

Just through the gate onto the moor, I say hello to the Lastingham stone - which I carved as a marker for the village - here it is photographed by John Potter from York - who is a professional photographer and who is a wonder at landscapes.  He is helping me be a bit more useful with my camera.

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