Monday, 12 July 2010


This morning I saw nothing at the pond.   Later during the afternoon we had rain and I was so relieved - at least it was enough to make a puddle or two.  After I had finished at the workshop this evening I went back, to find adult moorhen enjoying the dampness.  I had not been there long when one of the birds alarm called and dashed for cover, and then took off in flight.  I only just caught it on camera.  Then the other birds flew off.

Then I saw the culprit - in an out of the reeds at the pond edge and scampering across the mud.

There was no sign of the egg, or the dead chick I saw yesterday, but plenty tracks. 

The stoat caught wind of me and disappeared.  I waited for some time, and heard Moorhen calls, and thought I heard chick noises, but cannot be sure.  A nearby tree hosts a sparrow-hawk nest and the young make constant calls, and birds mob the parents who yell in reply.  The odds seem rather stacked against this little chick - though I am keeping fingers crossed.

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