Tuesday, 12 June 2012

North Yorkshire Elvis Bus Tour

From THE SHED to my shed!  The North Yorkshire Elvis Bus Tour  was on Saturday the 9th June - the first day of my Open Studio.  This Elvis Tour is part of The Shed's 20th Anniversary Season 2012.  The Shed is a small music and poetry venue on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors created by Simon Thackray in 1992. The Shed presents a feast of world-class music, comedy and poetry.

Here is Ian McMillan at my Open Studio

The North Yorkshire Elvis Bus Tour meets North Yorkshire Open Studios in Lastingham at my workshop! 
We've all been hoping for lots of visitors for Open Studios, but it was a big surprise when a huge, shiny white coach pulled up outside my workshop gate, and out poured lots of Elvis look-a-likes, in wigs and full of merriment!  In they filed, until my workshop was packed with bright orange, yellow and pink costumes and Elvis collars.  Too many in fact to fit in, and queues formed! 

The tour guide was none other than Ian McMillan 'The Barnsley Bard' - who has written a line or two about 'The King'.

What a good humoured and highly amusing group they were  - although it felt at times like a rather strange dream, and I could hardly believe what was going on!  Thankyou all for visiting and making me smile!  I'm still smiling!  A very thought provoking and interesting random event!

The Elvis Bus Tour is reviewed here by James Kilner, of the Yorkshire Evening Press.

Thanks to Martin Lea for the images.


  1. Well that would brighten anyone's day :-)

    I'm now trying to imagine Ian McMillan as Elvis or Elvis singing in a Barnsley accent!


  2. On the coach they were all singing the words of Elivs songs, but to the tune of Ilkley Moor Baht'at - but Barnsley Elvis is quite something to visualise!

  3. I love your outfit, guys! The tour guide should have tried the Elvis look. LOL! I’m pretty sure that you guys enjoyed that trip. I’m pretty sure that this wonderful event is going to be a tradition, and, hopefully, with more members. Cheers, everyone!


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