Saturday, 29 January 2011

North Yorkshire Open Studios

Over the last week the selection group at Art Connections has been working its way through hundreds of applications from artists in North Yorkshire who have applied to be part of the Open Studio event in June.

I am very pleased to say I got a 'congratulations' note from them to confirm that I will be included in 2011.  In total 130 artists, from all over North Yorkshire, will be opening their studios for the weekends of 10/11/12 and 18/19 June to visitors, who will also be able to take part in workshops, talks and events.

I am already excited, and so much looking forward to it - I really love visitors coming to my workshop and all the questions about how my sculpture is made, and demonstrating the tools and methods I use (and also hopefully to have the work I have made admired!).

Lots of planning now - it is a great opportunity to have a spring-clean in the sheds - I also have a bit of building work to do (some tumble down walls in the depths of the snow and ice), also need to organise some plinths and design my invite.

Last year I did this sign, which I carried up to the gateway each day so people could see where my workshop is - it is very heavy and took a few knocks, so I would like to do another for this year - does anyone know of an unusual or special script style I could carve - I was thinking maybe to go for a circular shape?  (I could roll it into position then!).

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  1. Good luck with the arrangements for the Open Studios Jennifer. I think they are one of the best introductions into the art world in recent years. I love visiting our local ones and even get brochures sent from far afield. I have masses of them and love browsing them for inspiration. Also a lot of the artists and craftspeople have their own websites now which is great. A round sign would be a great idea and save your back and provide people with an example of what you do.


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