Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Moorhen Pond

I've kept an eye out at the pond, for our chick (which I haven't seen again) - but an adult bird has been sitting on the 'makeshift' nest -  refurbished, which now looks robust and protecting.  I was amazed and delighted the birds were attempting another family.

They were very timid and avoided being photographed on, or near the nest.  This morning I found the little bowl of twigs empty and no sign of Moorhens.   I feared another crisis.  Very skittish ducks paddled past, concerned about my presence.  I thought it best if I made my visit short.  Then I heard the smallest peep and caught sight of a little black pom-pom floating on the water.  Then another, and another.

They were very active, foraging and clambering into the reeds.  Then mum appeared and took them off out of sight.  What a delightful encounter and what a miracle is nature.

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