Thursday, 29 April 2010

Stone Carving Courses

These wonderful boulders are now in place at the Dutch House in Crayke.  The trailer was loaded, with work-benches and stone and on a glorious morning I trundled over the Wolds to put them in place.

I was greeted by a scene of busy energy and creativity - I visited this site in mid-winter and it was a tangled mess of neglect and looked rather sorry for itself.  Now in the sunshine, and the magic touch of Cecile and Sjaak it is a growing, welcoming and exciting place to be.  They have worked so hard, and achieved such a lot. 

The boulders await their carving - thankyou to everyone who helped with unloading. The Dutch House are running a range of art courses over the summer, I will be tutoring the Stone Carving part and invite you all to come to the Open Days on May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for a taster session.  We will be drawing a design on the stone and everyone will have the opportunity to carve their own bit - so I hope I have plenty helpers!

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